Give indirect compliments. Sometimes.


Compliment often!

Most of your compliments to your spouse should be direct and specific. Sometimes, you can also give an indirect compliment.

Talk about them positively to everyone and the news will eventually reach their ears.
“Ella had such a great idea to create this. She designed and developed it herself.”

Talk positively about them to others – in front of them.
“Ella has an intriguing idea here. Please give her the floor.”
“Mommy spent a lot of time today preparing this delicious meal. It smells sooooooo good.”

Quote somebody else as saying something complimentary about them.
“Eli said you make the best [salad], I’m looking forward to tasting it.”

Say something so that they can infer the intended compliment, even if it is not explicitly said.
“I wish I could do [that] as well as you do.”

Say something so that they can experience your appreciation or recognition, without you being explicit about it.
“That was a great solution. How did you know this was the way to proceed?”
“ Are there more people in your family with [this quality]?”
“ How is it that you have such a good relationship with your [colleagues]?”
“ Where did you get the courage/ strength/ confidence to [do that]?

Repeat an insight or idea they shared, start incorporating the idea into your life.
“I like that phrase, I’m going to start using it in my presentations.” Compliment often!

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