‘Giving in’ or giving

When you do it for your spouse – even when you originally didn’t want to – are you ‘giving in’? Well, technically, you might be. But if you are already doing it, you may as well do it fully. See it as giving to your spouse. Doing for them. Giving to them. “It’s not my first choice, but yeah, I’ll do it for you, for us.” Additionally, GIVING is the secret to happiness and developing your loving relationship.

Why do people want to let the other know that they are giving in?

  • So they get ‘extra points’ or get paid back for doing something for the other. “We went to your parents, you owe me big.”
  • So they know that the other person should know that they weren’t happy and shouldn’t ask for that again. “I’m doing it this time, but don’t ask me again for months, or hopefully ever.”
  • So the other will know that they are unhappy and they want to suck the joy out of the finished task. “I just want you to know that I really don’t like going there.”

What if you just give it to your spouse, because you want to make your spouse happy? Just to make them happy.

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