Go through the dance – with humor

In every relationship, there are some issues that fall in the category “we always go through the dance” before actually moving forward.

Here’s the dance steps:

  1. One brings up the topic.
  2. The other goes through their objections.
  3. Eventually, they do whatever it is.

The dance can be about spending money, going out, visiting family, home improvements, really anything.

They both know in the end that they will do it, but there is this initial dance of resistance or excuses before they actually get to it.

Yes, it can be annoying; “Why don’t they just do it without the drama, without the dance?”. But, if you know that this is the ‘dance’, play along. You’ll get to whatever it is with less aggravation.

At some point, you may even laugh at the dance(s). Maybe even together. You may even ask in humor, “Can we [do whatever]? Can we skip the dance this time?”

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