Go with your spouse’s preference.

When you and your spouse have different preferences on something, you could dig in your heals and insist on it going your way. But is that best for your marriage? *Sometimes, it makes more sense to yield to the preference of your spouse.*

Think about:
– to whom does this matters more?
– who will be responsible to follow up?
– who has a track record of making good decisions in this area?
That is the one whose preferences should be followed.

*If it really doesn’t matter that much to you, then let it go.* And don’t hold it against your spouse. In other words, choose your battles.

*If it really does matter to you, you can explain your thought process and why you really want to do it in this way.*
-“I’d like to explain my thoughts about this…”
-“From the way I see it, the implications of this are …”
-“These are my concerns….”
-“This is my end goal. How we get there is less important. For now, I see this way as the the only option. But maybe there is another way to accomplish the same thing.”

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