Gratitude builds your happiness

Gratitude builds your happiness. There are many studies that show this. Science notwithstanding, we all know this from our own experiences.

Choosing to focus on good things makes you feel better than focusing on bad things. Acting happy, regardless of feelings, coaxes the brain into processing positive emotions.

Give thanks especially when you don’t feel it. Your life may not be as you wish it was, but you ‘at least have’ so many wonderful things in your life. Think: “At least I have…” my eye sight, a roof over my head, shoes to protect my feet from the ground.

Think of the simple things in life: fresh air, the smell of freshly baked bread, sunshine, a beautiful view, a chair to sit on. Family, friends. A good night’s sleep. The variety of textures in the food we eat. Chocolate. Cozy sweater. Good memories. Music. And… and … and…

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