Having a bad day? You can move on.

Do what you have to do to leave that bad day behind and start a new day afresh. Everybody has bad days; it’s how we deal with them that makes us the type of person we are.

Recognize that each day is a fresh start. You can start over every day. You don’t have to carry over negativity and mistakes into the next day. Live by this mantra.

It’s ok to cry and krechtz (a deep Jewish sigh). Release those feelings, you’ll be in a better place to deal with whatever it is.

Self-soothe. You know what can help you calm down so you can see this day in perspective – exercise, vent (not complain), a nice drink, engage in a favorite hobby.

As tempting as it is to complain and lash out, resist. Stressing out won’t make you feel any better. Instead, search for the lesson in your present struggle. You can grow from the situation. 

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