Hod (Sefira: week 5)

HOD (week 5)
Literal definition: Majesty. Thanksgiving.
In other words: Humility – Acknowledgement – Gratitude – Admitting – Modesty – Comprising – Appreciative – Consulting – Flexibility – Open mindedness
• With humility, we can make space for others. We can listen to and appreciate the opinion and perspective of others. We can all learn something from anyone and everyone. It is about asking for advice, guidance and input.
• Humility is about not being arrogant or stubborn. Not being stubborn. Not being arrogant.
• Hod is expressing gratitude, including thanking Hashem for what you do have.
• With humility, we are able to acknowledge others. To apologize when we are wrong. To accept responsibility for our mistakes. Not to be selfish, self-centered and narcissistic. To give others the benefit of the doubt.
REFLECTIONS about Hod in your marriage
• Hod is about putting aside our ego and pride for the sake of relationships and the family unit.
• How is your humility expressed in your marriage? Are you open to influence from your spouse? Are you genuinely open to your spouse’s opinion? Do you make space for your spouse or are you dominating?
• Are there circumstances in which your ego determines your action and words; why is that?
• Is your humility perceived by your spouse as authentic? Is it condescending? Do you sufficiently acknowledge and compliment your spouse? Do you thank and express gratitude to your spouse?
• What are examples where you acted with humility and apologized? Do you acknowledge that you need your spouse?
Lag B’omer is the Hillula and celebration of Reb Shimon Ben Yochei. Hod She’Behod. Rashbi revealed the secrets of the Torah and the holy Zohar. This special day is an auspicious time for revealed miracles.

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