Hoo-ah = hua [heard. Understood. Acknowledged.]

Hooah, the battle cry of the US Army soldiers. The soldier says (or bellows) this with pride and commitment.

While the origins of the battle cry are unknown, some say it stands for HUA, or Heard, Understood and Acknowledged.The soldier is basically saying: “I hear you. I understand you. I acknowledge you.”

In other words, “Yes! I’m on it and committed to it.”

Using an acronym such as HUA can be worthwhile in your marriage. Of course, not in the aspect that one of the couple is subservient to the other as a soldier is to their commander. Rather, HUA can be used as a shorter version of: “I hear, understand and acknowledge you, and your words that you just shared or expressed.”

You can also make up your own acronyms or private codes for saying longer concepts in just a few syllables. Come up with a few of your own together.

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