How clearly we see determines how effectively we act in any situation.

Clarity determines the quality of your response to a situation. But too often in a stressful situation, we develop some sort of brain fog that impedes us from seeing the fullness of the situation and the possibilities and the long-term outcomes of knee-jerk reactions.

It is hard to gain perspective when you are stressed. First, pause and breathe. Take a step back. Clear your mind. Then ask yourself some important questions (below). You might find it helpful to work with someone to help you see things from a more objective angle.

Then, act from a place of clarity (and courage, if needed.)

Questions to ask yourself about a situation to help gain clarity:

  1. What do I need to see that I am not seeing?
  2. What do I see but I am discounting?
  3. What am I pretending not to see?
  4. How do other people see this situation?
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