How to say ‘yes’ to the person but ‘no’ to the task.

If your answer to the task request is “no,” then figure out how to say “yes” to the person at the same time. To do this, make sure that you explain your justification, so that it’s clear that you’re only saying “no” to this particular task – and possibly only on this occasion. If the other person understands why you’ve said “no”, they are less likely to be left with the impression that you’re simply being unhelpful.

Even if you have to say “no” to something, show you are concerned about finding a way to get the other person’s needs met, and this allows you to say “yes” to the person.
-“I can’t do that at this time. How about we come up with another way to get that done? / Can it be done at another time?”
– “I really don’t like to do that task. How about I take something off your plate so you can do it?”

Think along the lines of
– time flexibility. Can it be done at another time?
– how else can the need be addressed. Perhaps look at the problem from a different way.
– how you can support the person to do it themselves. Can you take over a different task?
– how might you actually be able to do it. Might you give over a responsibility to someone else?

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