If looks are important to you, then looks are important to you.

by Devora Krasnianski, founder of Adai Ad Institute

OK, we all are human. And some of us have strong desires for some things that others might call superficial – like beauty and appearance.

It may not be the best part of who you are, but it is indeed a part of who you are.  And if that is who you are and those are your wants, well… that’s who you are.  You can’t just ignore who you are; looks are important to you.

Just sharing something you might want to consider.

Some attributes of a person endure and add quality to your life, and even grow with time. Like kindness, being interesting, capable, unselfish, good character. The essence of who a person is.

The reality is that other things – such as looks –  depreciate far more quickly than you might expect.  It may matter for a while, but eventually  it matters less.  In the long run, a strong relationship is based more on emotional attraction than physical.

And, interestingly, some studies posit that spouses who really love and appreciate each other rate their partners’s appearance as significantly more attractive than does a jury of objective peers.

I couldn’t find that study when I googled, but the idea makes sense. When you appreciate a person’s essence,  your view of their appearance is redefined. Because when you see the person, you really do see the essence.

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