If you have different perspectives about Corona

Your marriage is more important than bringing your spouse to your ideas about what is being prudent.

Talk about it with respect and curiosity. You may learn something new about your spouse and how they deal with doubt and the uncertain. Or how they deal with health concerns in general. Or how they take in information from the media and news that circulates around the community.

You don’t need to change each other’s perspectives. Validate their concerns. Remember, their concerns are real to them, based on their experiences and understandings.

If you think your spouse is exaggerating or catastrophizing, don’t try to talk them out of it. It is possible to be compassionate about their anxiety without rearranging your life to accommodate it.

It might be worthwhile to compromise a bit and be more cautious than you think is necessary. Not because you believe it is medically necessary, but just for the sake of your marriage.


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