In a marriage of acceptance and love, you have to accept and love the ‘bad parts’ too.

Bad parts’ as in human parts. No one is perfect.

As life moves on, there are more interactions with each other. Some will be admirable, many will be the small things that deepen the relationship and some will be the mis-takes. There will be the mundane, boring and annoying parts too.
It’s all part of living with someone.

Everyone is a whole person. The loveable parts and the less loveable parts.

Sometimes, the parts that annoy us are really the flip of the same thing. You so admire that your spouse is so committed to the community, yet at the same time you sometimes resent that they aren’t home. Hey, you can’t get it both ways.

If you only love the easily-loveable and admirable parts, then you don’t really love the whole person; the spouse is you love an illusion.

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