Is your phone serving you? Or, are you serving it?

Our phones have become so much part of modern living. They are powerful and useful. In so many ways.

But they are also destructive. In so many ways.

Is your phone/ device serving you: is it helping you become more productive? is it helping the quality of your relationships – both those from afar and those with whom you live?

Or, are you serving your phone? Do you run to check it every time it pings, rings or vibrates? every popup? and then you get stuck down that rabbit hole of other interesting material?

Studies – and probably your own experiences too – have shown that it takes a few minutes to get back to the task at hand after being distracted by anything (a person asking a question, a ping on a phone, a popup). All that does impact your life.

What can you do to minimize the distractions that your devices intrude into your life?

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