It’s the paddling that keeps you standing.

Paddle boarding – a metaphor for life. You can’t just wait for the waves to be calm before you stand up.

It’s actually the paddling that keeps you on the board. It’s the forward motion that gives you the stability you need.
Sometimes you just have to pick a direction and start pulling that paddle through the water, and along the way you get the stability and confidence. And even thrill of adrenaline and success.

You won’t find all that by waiting for the waves to stop shaking the board. The waves never stop shaking the board.

You’ll never feel totally ready. The plan will never be perfectly formed. You’ll never have all the money and support you think you need. Just get up and paddle, because that’s what gives you what you need to stay afloat.

Paddle, because forward motion allows you to steer, to turn, to head into a wave, or away from one. You don’t always know where you will end up, but you let go and enjoy the adventure.

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