Just throw away the water bottle yourself

Just pick up the socks. Just throw out the water bottle. It takes just a few seconds.

You don’t have to make it into a scene. You don’t have to express your frustration about it in your moment of frustration.

And at a later point, when you are calmer, you can bring it up.
“I really want a clean and neat bedroom; it so much easier to unwind in a clean room. It would help me relax if I didn’t see laundry on the floor. Please put your stuff in the hamper. For me. I’d so appreciate it.”
“I really like coming into a clean car. When I see wrappers or water bottles in the car, I get annoyed. Can you please figure out a system for yourself so that you remember to get rid of the wrappers before you leave the car? I’d so appreciate that.”

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