Keep the balance in your life

Has your life become off-balanced? You feel burned out? Your to-do list soooooooooo long? You stopped even dreaming about vacation? You never get to do anything that you enjoy – not even for a few minutes? Take action today to bring a greater sense of balance to all the areas of your life.

1. Define what balance looks like so you can actually work toward making it happen. You might start by visualizing and journaling your thoughts and feelings around balance. What would your life be like if it was balanced?.

2. Strengthen your self-discipline to reduce distractions, act mostly on your priorities, avoid allowing negativity to take your energy. Maintain your personal boundaries. Practice saying ‘no’ to some things so you can say ‘yes’ to a balanced life.

3. Add and subtract from your schedule. To do more of one thing, you must do less of others. What pressuring task are you willing to give up, or subtract, in order to have or achieve something more important in a different area? 

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