Laugh together. Love together.

Life has its stressful moments. No doubt.  But, humor and laughter helps us cope.   “If you can find humor in anything, you can survive it.” Being able to see the humor even in the toughest situations helps us tackle our problems with a more positive outlook.

Even when you’ve had a tough day – or perhaps, especially when you’ve had a tough day – you need to laugh. 

Problems always have some sort of sense of humor in them, you just have to look (with a less serious lens). Once you are able to find the humor in that difficult situation, you begin to win over it.

When it seems like you don’t have control over situations, laugh at it.

When you make some crazy mistakes, laugh at them.

When you fall, laugh.  (And then get up).

Don’t wait till your problems are solved before you laugh, laugh your way through these problems,

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