Learn each other’s communication styles

We each have different ways that we prefer to take in and share information – our communication style. It is worthwhile to learn each other’s styles so you can tailor and individualize your messages so that they are best understood and received. And you will also have a better understanding about why others engage in the conversation in the way that they do. -Some people may get frustrated with others because from their perspective it seems that the other is not engaging in the conversation. In reality, they just have a different style; they are simply waiting to take in all the information and then think it through.

Some people may like to talk about a topic in detail, others may want to get to the bottom line quickly. They aren’t not interested in the other, they just like to get the quick facts and not the longwinded detailed story.

Some people like to think before talking, others like to think aloud. Some are more focused on how others in the situation are thinking and feelings, others like to get to the task right away.

Just different communication styles. One way is not better or worse. They both have their benefits and drawbacks.

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