Letting doubt stop you is a choice you are making.

Feeling doubt is human enough. Letting it stop you from moving forward is a choice you are making.

How to overcome self-doubt:

•Self Distancing. Taking on the persona of someone more confident can help you acknowledge the challenges you face without letting them completely take you over. Imagine how someone you admire would act in the situation. This helps you gain perspective that empowers you to get out of your own way and activate more productive behaviors.

•View yourself through the lens of others. Think of how someone else would be cheering you on because they believe you truly are capable.

•Tune out uninformed feedback. Remember that not everyone’s opinion is useful. Label such comments as “opinions” and “noise” and ignore them.

•Reframe your self-talk. Identifying these negative internal voices and intentionally replacing them with a more positive, productive narrative can help get us out of this paralysis and move towards action.

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