Life is a series of choices and tradeoffs.

We design 90% of our life through the choices and tradeoffs we make. It is the word, “tradeoff”, that is so empowering.

Essentially, we are in control by trading one thing for another thing. If we do not like where our lives are headed, we need to consider what are we willing to trade to get the life we want.
Do you want to trade time with your family or friends for more money? Larger home or living near family? Longer commute or less exciting job? Volunteer and feel needed or time on a hobby?

To get in control of a choice, use tradeoffs. Get clear on what you are willing to trade.

Of course, there are so many things that are outside of our control. (Losing a job, illness, natural disasters.) But, we have many choices after that. What happens after the event is defined by our choices.

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