Live from a Transformation Mindset

Someone with a ‘transformation mindset’ embraces change as a natural part of life. It may not be easy, but that doesn’t mean it is awful or insurmountable.

With a transformation mindset, you can deal constructively with change.

– Reflect on changes you have successfully adapted to in the past, and tell yourself: “I have successfully navigated change in the past. Just look at how far I’ve come. I will adapt this time as well.”

– Don’t view the change as a bad thing or obstacle to your goals. A more productive way is to look at the situation as an opportunity for a better future (even if it doesn’t seem that way at this point).

– The more positive you are about the potential that the change can bring, the freer your brain is to think about creative possibilities and solutions.

With such an attitude, you will likely weather the change gracefully, and even flourish from it. You won’t dread change so much and you may even welcome it. Your life will likely be richer for it.

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