Long Distance Date Night for Engaged Couples

You may not be able to spend time together in the same place, but it is still important to spend some time with each other. Here are some date night ideas. Of course, you don’t have to do them at night, and you don’t have to make it an official date.

Note: The links provided are just one example of ideas in that category; you can Google for other ideas. Additionally, the links have only been skimmed and analayzed for hashkafic appropriate.

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Conversations you might have

To set up your marriage

  • Communication styles (how do you like to hear bad news, how do you like to be asked to change a way of doing things, what feels like a real apology, how do you like to be told that other one is stressed, how will someone know if you are stressed)
  • Checking in with each other (ex: weekly meetings)
  • Money styles, budgets, accounts
  • In law/ boundaries
  • Love languages
  • Personality tests (ex: 16personalities, personalitytype.com)
  • Gift wish lists
  • Favorites (if spouse wants to do something special for you – what would that be? What is your favorite restaurant, night out, food, music, scent)

Getting to know each other even deeper

Long Distance ‘date nights’

Via Whatsapp Video

  • Cooking same recipe at same time
  • Walk around the neighborhood – show highlights of your neighborhoods (shul, park, favorite stores. Tell stories/ anecdotes about these spots)
  • Paint Night (you can work with instruction websites)

Do simultaneously and chat about it (or screen share)

Doing & Discussing

  • Read same book/article – discuss
  • Watch Ted talk – discuss
  • Take same course – discuss/ do ‘homework together’ skillshare, coursera
  • Research vacation/honeymoon destinations


  • Send ‘open when…’ notes. By snail mail. (‘Open when you are feeling [lonely, stressed, in the mood of a joke]’) You can send separate ones or a packet. Label each envelope.
  • “Date-In-A-Box” – popcorn (microwave), cool drink, snuggle blanket, DVD (or link to a movie); candles, flowers, music CD (or link), cloth napkins, wine
  • Make a word search with words related to your lives
  • Send e-cards. (corny is OK)
  • Send ‘sketchtoy’ handwritten messages
  • Read Laffy Taffy jokes. (order a box of Laffy Taffys for each of you). Make up your own puns.
  • Play ‘road trip games’ – ABC game (words in certain category that begin with each letter of alphabet), 21 Questions, Endswith (words in certain category that begin with the last letter of the previous word)
  • Photoshop yourselves in all kinds of cool places
  • Mad Libs style stories

Gift Ideas (gifts don’t have to cost money or be grand)

  • Gift certificate to Barnes & Nobles or other local book store
  • Stress balls, coloring books for adults & colored pencils, puzzles, soduko
  • Food
  • Link to a song/article you think they’ll enjoy
  • Kit related to a hobby/ interest

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