Love yourself so you can love your spouse

If you don’t love yourself, you aren’t really in a frame of mind to love others. It’s really that simple. You have to love yourself before you can give of yourself to someone else.

So just start doing little things of self-love*. Right now; do not wait until you think you “deserve” it. (*For clarity: we’re not talking about being selfish or egocentric .)

There are lots of things you can do—both big and small—to practice loving yourself.
– Speak kindly about yourself. And to yourself.
– Take compliments graciously.
– Cut yourself some slack. Don’t take yourself so seriously.
– Honor your emotions.
– Set and maintain appropriate boundaries.
– Celebrate your successes.
– Take some ‘me’ time. Take care of yourself. Pamper yourself.
– Recognize your limitations and humanness – and that everyone has some flaws.

Be willing to ask for support and guidance as you need in this.

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