Make a list of what can help you de-stress

This is one list worth making. When you are in a stressed moment, you may not have the headspace to think about what might hep you de-stress, in a healthy way. Also, your spouse and those around you don’t know what you might need.

Take the time to work on a list. Think about what has worked for you in the past. Read up on some new ways to try. Ask your friends, spouse and others in your close circle for their insights.

Actually write (or type) it. And keep in a place that you and others can access easily.

Help your spouse, family and friends know exactly what you mean about each line item. And how they might bring it up to you, “Would you like a few minutes for a long cup of tea. What flavor?”

You might also share a code word that means that you are asking for help to de-stress. “I’m feeling like Barcelona now” (anything that you both know what it means).

Some things you might consider adding to your list:
• Take a walk
• Veg on your phone (with a timer)
• Pray
• Someone should offer me a drink
• Deep breathing
• Doodle, color
• Music (specify which type)
• Craft(specify)
• Clean/ organize

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