Make gratitude a routine

Make gratitude a routine, independent of how you feel. Thank your spouse for something – big or very small – everyday. As routine as having your morning coffee.

Finding a few minutes of uninterrupted time to think and thank is important. The time of day you practice isn’t particularly important, but a regular time will help you to develop this practice as a habit.

Ideally, you’d express your gratitude in person. But if life is so busy, at least text it or leave a voice note. Every day.

– “Thank you for being you.”
– “Thank you for taking care of the kids during the night.”
– “Thank you for that joke. Cracked me up just when I needed comic relief.”
– “Thank you for remembering to buy that [whatever].”
– “Thank you for choosing this soothing color that we painted on the walls.”
– “Thank you for taking [a responsibility] off my list.”

It may feel awkward or contrived in the beginning, but keep at it. The many benefits of gratitude to yourself and your spouse are worth it.

(And while you are thanking, thank others too. Add that to your routine. Send a text to someone – while you are sipping your coffee.)

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