Make time to play

As you plan your days and weeks, plan for some downtime, for some play. Whatever play means to you; something you enjoy doing. Not every minute has to be filled with work and housework and chores and errands. Do things that are fun for you. Gardening, reading a book (OK, an article), crossword puzzles, slow sips of coffee, singing, just plain being goofy. Whatever works for you.

Research has shown that “play” is vital for people. It calms the mind and also builds one’s creativity and innovation – key components for finding solutions in crazy situations, which ultimately keeps one more composed and calm.

Think of your three favorite downtime play activities. And when you can fit those into your schedule. Put into your calendar. Keep those times sacred. Make it happen.

(At least one of your play activities should include your spouse. Discuss it together.)

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