Matzah is Humility

Matzah, with its flatness, reflects selfless humility.

Pride and ego are often at the root of the issues in so many conflicts. Pride shows up as selfishness, arrogance, unforgiveness, intolerance, self-righteousness, anger, defensiveness and the NEED TO BE RIGHT!!

Humility is the acceptance of things as they are. Only the humble have a firm grasp of reality – seeing our place in the world, not as we would have it, but as it really is. The humble are content with who they really are; the proud are inflated with who they think they are.

As you eat matzah this Pesach, see your life (or at least one situation) with humility. Accept that you are not perfect, or the best, or right. Appreciate that others have a different perspective and might be more right or better than you in that area.

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