Pesach Sheini – Maximize from your second chance

“Pesach Sheni is about second chances:

  • ‘Nothing is ever lost: it’s never too late!’
  • Every individual, no matter what their situation, always has the potential to make a “leap forward”.

Do what you can to maximize from the opportunity of a second chance. Learn from the first mistake. Acknowledge your role in the mistake. Recognize what you could have done differently. Apologize, if That is what is appropriate and necessary. Move forward. Actually, leap forward. (Once you’ve learned and grown from the first mistake, don’t look back at it; it has served its purpose of your growth.)- But more than that, Pesach Sheini is about finding the strength to ‘Pass-Over’, to leap forward in your life even when you are comfortable where you are. Do not fall to complacency, auto-pilot. “If good is good, isn’t better even better?”

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