Mt. Sinai. Humble. Proud.

The Torah was given on Mt. Sinai, a low mountain. The lowness teaches us the importance of humility. The fact that it was a mountain and not flatlands or a valley teaches us to have pride – not arrogance – and self-assuredness.

Both, in tandem, are important for a productive Torah life, as well as for all aspects of life.

Humility to recognize that and where you need to improve. Humility helps you learn and grow. Humility to know that nothing everything has to go the way you hope. Humility allows Hashem in.

Pride in who you are and in your values. Self esteem to recognize that you are valuable. Self assuredness helps you overcome obstacles that may come your way. Self confidence helps you make good choices and decisions.

You need both – humility and pride – to recognize where you need to improve and that you are worth putting in the effort.

Keep that balance of humility and pride in check.

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