My family 101. Next up: My family 102

Share about your family – the traditions, the personalities, the history, the favorite food, the ‘just in our family’ moments, the painful parts and the lighter parts. All of it. (Not all at once, of course. You have a lifetime together.)

The more your spouse knows where you come from, the better they understand the context from which you see the world. “Oh, so that is why this is so important to you, now I get it.” “Now I understand why that triggers you.”

They’ll get to appreciate why that quirky ridiculous joke brings peals of laughter at family gatherings. And who in the family to keep minimal contact with.

Perhaps even more important than the information is the bond you’ll create between the two of you as you spend time together talking and sharing personal and private information. When we share personal memories – happy and painful, we strengthen the connection between us. 

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