Netzach (sefira: week 4)

Literal definition: Victory
In other words: Endurance – Fortitude – Consistency – Determination -Tenacity – Reliability – Commitment – Dedication – Persistence – Willpower

• Netzach means victory. It is about doing whatever – anything and everything – to attain that victory, including going beyond our comfort zone, not being stuck in our bias perspective, overcoming obstacles, using setbacks as a springboard to propel ourselves further. No matter what it takes.
• In other words, fortitude, persistence, determination, enthusiastic commitment to the goal and focusing on the prize. Not being sidetracked by naysayers and pettiness. Marching triumphantly to the goal, with courage, ambition and even guts. –
REFLECTIONS about Netzach in your marriage:
• In what ways do you demonstrate your unwavering commitment to make your marriage a success? Does your spouse feel that from you? What else can you do to further act on this commitment to the success of your marriage?
• How does your determination to be successful in other parts of your life (work, etc.) impact your family? Does it strengthen your marriage? Do your personal desires come at the expense of your marriage and family? • What is your practical proactive plan to ensure the health and eternity of your marriage? 💡EVEN MORE
The Rebbe writes that it is the obligation of both spouses to do all in their power to secure the marriage.
The Previous Rebbe writes: “Everything without exception – Torah and Mitzvos, health, children, parnassah (livelihood), bringing Nachas (pleasure and satisfaction) to parents and good friends, and to being a beloved and cherished person … all of this depends on a proper family life*”.
*The appropriate Torah’dik family life requires understanding, energy, devotion, patience, good-heartedness, cleanliness, relaxed attitude, orderly clothing and a happy disposition, with a pleasant face and friendly behavior.

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