New season: plan together

A new season is just upon us. Often that means new schedules for the kids, earlier sunsets and bedtimes. The upcoming holidays. These all need some planning to make sure that both of you (and the rest of the family) all are on the same page.

Might one of you have to change your morning schedule a bit to accommodate the changes in the morning rush? Do you have to adjust your grocery shopping routine? Do you have to plan the holiday meals in advance? Homework with the kids? Car schedules? Who does what? (You may also talk about budgets at this point.)

Talk it all through so that everything is accounted for. So that neither of you think that the other will be doing it. So you make arrangements that take all into consideration.

A major benefit of talking through this all is that both of you recognize the many details that go into taking care of a family. You will have long lists of what to appreciate in each other. 

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