Not self-reflection, rather us-reflection

We have become the ‘me’ generation. And with that, a lot of self help and self reflection. There is a place for all that. We can only change ourselves, we need to know ourselves so we can recognize our role in our life’s situation. and all that. All very very important.

At the same time, we must also become even more ‘us oriented’. No one lives in a bubble; there is no such thing as a private citizen. What we do does impact others – especially those nearest and closest to us.

As we spend time in self reflection, it behooves us to do some deep ‘us-reflection’. How are we doing as a couple? Is our marriage and couplehood our priority? What can we do together that strengthens our relationship.

Thinking about the ‘us’, but recognizing that we can only change ourselves in the marriage – how we respect, communicate, share, give. What can I do differently for the sake of our relationship? This is hugely different from ‘what can I do to fix my spouse’?

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