Notice what didn’t go wrong today

We humans are wired (nurture or nature?) to notice the negative. A negative bias. We take the normal for granted.

Negative experiences make it to our long-term memory faster than the more neutral or positive ones. But positive memories are the cornerstone to our happiness and even our identity. Therefore, it is worthwhile to do what it takes to create – and remember – positive moments in our lives. We ought to notice the good and give it extra attention so that they are also stored in long-term memory.

At the end of each day, you’ll probably remember what went wrong during the day. Take the time to think about and be grateful for what did not go wrong. It didn’t rain on your picnic. There was much less traffic than usual. Found parking right away. The kids went to sleep easily.

Think of something that based on past experiences, you half expected to go wrong, but it went smoothly. Don’t take that for granted. Give it attention so that it stays in your memory.

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