Our relationships are a mirror of ourselves. Part 5

Why we sometimes get annoyed by people’s goodness.

Sometimes, someone does a kindness for us (or for others) and we get negatively charged. Our spouse or friend brings us a small gift or does something nice for us, and we respond with “It’s so nice, but you shouldn’t have spent the money”. Or someone calls to check in on us and while we appreciate it, another part of us is somewhat annoyed.

That is really saying something about our own beliefs or values.

🤔It might be that their kind and giving nature frustrates us because we’d also like to be a more kind and giving person but are resisting being one. (Maybe we believe that those qualities are weak. Maybe we have been told we are not all that giving.)

🤔It might be a reflection of how we treat ourselves or what we think of ourselves. We might think that we are not worthy of that kindness or love.

🤔It might be that we don’t allow ourselves to do what they are doing, although we wish we would. We wouldn’t allow ourselves to spend that much time with or for others, so that triggers an uncomfortable feeling within ourselves.

Notice your emotions and ask yourself what is the message about yourself.

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