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Overcome your fear of making a mistake

The fear of making a mistake stems from the illusion of perfection. Perfectionism affects how someone thinks, behaves, and feels. And stops them from growing or making positive changes.

Firstly, be realistic. Everyone gets something wrong sometimes. Nobody gets it right all the time. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes. Everyone.

Change your doomsday thinking to curiosity. Instead of thinking, “I’m not good enough, what if everything fails…”, think along these lines: “What if things actually do work out?” “What if I’m actually more than enough?”

Such genuine curiosity gets your brain to realize that good things happening is very likely.

From that headspace, you can ask the important question: “What would I do if I actually was good enough?”

Such thoughts put you on a track of healthy risk-taking; the kind that can move you forward.

J.O.T. [Just One Thing]

Through the years, many clients and students have reached out for guidance and support. They came seeking encouragement and assistance with relationship challenges. They asked tough questions. They explored their role in the relationship. They enhanced their communication and conflict resolution skills.  They adopted productive mindsets that helped them enrich their marriage, family life and so many other aspects of their lives.

Adai Ad’s (JOT) Just One Thing series was developed to share short and practical relationship insights, tools and mindsets every morning (via whatsapp and social media). These are widely received all over the world.

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