Pay attention to your body. It tells you about your feelings.

Your body sensations tell you what is going on for you.
Different emotions are felt differently in your body. Think about how your body feels when you are anxious and when you calm. Scientists have researched and created HeatMaps that show where in the body different emotions are felt. Love is felt as warmth all over the body. Anger is felt as warmth in the face and chest, as well as activity in the arms and fists. Sadness is felt as a deactivation of body sensations, almost numbing. Each emotion is felt differently in the body.

Pay attention to your body sensations: do a body scan.
1. Slow down to be present, to really tune it to what is going on.
2. Slowly pay attention to the different parts of your body. Scan from head to toe.
3. Try to put into words what you are feeling. Which parts of your body? How hot/ cold does that part feel? How intensely? Refer to HeatMap charts to better understand what you might be feeling.
4. Try to understand what is going on for you behind the emotion. Free-write or journal; see what comes out of your fingers. It might be very insightful.

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