Plan for inevitable stress.

Yom Tov can be stressful. So many meals, change of schedules and no technology distractions. and… and …

Expect that there will be stressful moments and plan for those. Have lots of snacks ready for all. Plan your nap times and alone times. Have stacks of books and games for kids.

Before Yom Tov, determine together about shared responsibilities; who does what. Who gets to nap (hah!), who takes care of the kids, who cleans up, sets table, clears table, makes the salad, and on and on.

As possible, create a schedule. Write it down. Make a few copies. Keep them handy.

Allow for mess. Just laugh.

Forgive yourself if you lose your cool. Forgive others if they lose their cool.

Expect that things won’t go as planned. Just laugh at it all.

Good Yom Tov. Stay safe and sane.

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