Plan your ‘Table Talk’

Table Talk is the informal conversation carried on at meals. Some topics are great fun with everyone having something to contribute and learn from and with each other. Others can make some people uncomfortable.

You can plan your Table Talk. Prepare some discussion starters that you anticipate will bring lively conversations. These can be related to the parsha, current events, ‘what if’s, ‘would you rather A or B’, or whatever you’d like.

You can also create a list of topics that you will not allow at the table. Plan in advance how you will close down such conversations if someone does start on the topic.

You can also discuss how much time you will dedicate to children’s parsha questions. You can add your own parsha discussion starters that the whole family can engage in. (These would be around life lessons from the parsha rather than details of the parsha).

Shabbos and dinner tables are meant to be enjoyable family time. Keep the conversations to that spirit.

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