Progress, not perfection.

Sometimes the project is so big, we don’t know what steps to take to get us there. The goal can seem overwhelming; we may feel we don’t have the know-how, time or the resources. Or we don’t see what steps we can take to get ourselves there.

Oftentimes, this is because we set unrealistic expectations or we take on too much at one time. And we believe that if don’t complete it to perfection, we’re a failure.

Perfection should never be the goal because the outcome will always be failure. Focus on progress, not perfection. On the process, on the now, not the outcome. On the small steps along the the way. The small changes. One at a time. And celebrate the small gains.

It can be empowering to look at the progress you’ve made in spite of challenges you’ve faced. This can help to propel you forward.

Keep making progress. Keep moving forward.

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