Quarantined & Married. Still important have date night.

Life may be complex and strange right now, but it is still important to spend some time with your spouse other. Perhaps, now even more than in previous times.

Here are some date night ideas. Of course, you don’t have to do them at night, and you don’t have to make it an official date.

Note: The links provided are just one example of ideas in that category; you can Google for other ideas. Additionally, the links have only been skimmed and analyzed for hashkafic appropriate.

If you have any ideas, pls add in the comments below or email to [email protected]

Conversations you might have

About your relationship and marriage

  • Communication styles (how do you like to hear bad news, how do you like to be asked to change a way of doing things, what feels like a real apology, how do you like to be told that other one is stressed, how will someone know if you are stressed)
  • Checking in with each other (ex: weekly meetings)
  • Money styles, budgets, accounts
  • In law/ boundaries
  • Love languages
  • Personality tests (ex: 16personalities, personalitytype.com)
  • Gift wish lists
  • Favorites (if spouse wants to do something special for you – what would that be? What is your favorite restaurant, night out, food, music, scent)
  • Expand your emotion vocabulary. Use the feelings wheel or this list.

Getting to know each other even deeper

‘Date nights’ at home

  • Cook a meal together. Make variations (ex: pizza toppings).
  • Order in. Eat on real dishes and cloth napkins. Dim the lights and add candles. Have some wine.
  • Have a picnic on the living room floor.
  • Make chocolate fondue. Dip in fruit, pretzels. Experiment with things you have in the house.
  • Taste test. Chocolates. Order samples of different foods.
  • Watch a show together. Pop some fresh popcorn.
  • Word puzzles.
  • Board games.
  • 500 piece jigsaw puzzle.
  • Play the card/board games you loved as a child.
  • Play with your kids’ toys (lego/magnatile competition, art supplies).
  • Read Laffy Taffy jokes. (buy a box of Laffy Taffys). Make up your own puns.
  • Organize your old photos (walk down memory lane).
  • Create a vision board (there are online/ digital versions too).
  • Create a ‘time capsule’ – “open this on our 15th anniversary”
  • Paint Night (you can work with instruction websites).
  • Craft kits (paint a mug, soap making, model airplane, etc.)
  • Firepit. Or a small portable grill. Roast marshmallows.
  • Teach each other something new. Or try to learn something new together.

Online ideas

Doing & Discussing

  • Read same book/article – discuss
  • Watch Ted talk – discuss
  • Take same course – discuss/ do ‘homework together’ skillshare, coursera


  • Make some topics off limits – kids, corona, work, money, other family members, politics. This is time to infuse energy and love into your relationship.
  • Make the effort to get dressed for yourself even if you don’t have anywhere to be. Take a shower. Get dressed. Get in the mindspace of date night.
  • It’s about the time spent together, not so much what you do. If your date idea doesn’t go as you had envisioned, it’s all OK.
  • Put the kids to sleep in a calm way, so they (hopefully) will sleep through the night.
  • During your date night, you don’t have to run to the kids if they start whimpering/crying, they’ll probably be ok. If you do determine that you really have to go, try to pick up where you left off. Don’t discuss the distraction.

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