Reality check: are you living according to your values?

It takes time to define your core values and life purpose. But it is key to making good choices for your life. How can you forge a path when you don’t know where you are going?

So, once you have defined your values, life’s purpose and priorities, turn them into a set of guiding questions to help you navigate through life.
• Is this option aligned with my core values? What, if any, are the conflicts?
• How might the conflicts interfere with living according to my values? Is there a way to tweak the situation so that the conflict is truly resolved? (truly resolved, not rationalized away)
• Does pursuing this option mean I will have to change my values or dreams? Is it worth it?

Of course, there will be times that you do things that are not totally aligned with your values (family, social or community obligations, a wasted afternoon, a slice of cheesecake – despite your best planned goals). Allow yourself to do those, but not too often.

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