Receive well and you’ll get more

Spouses generally like to give to the other. In the giving, they build their love. Giving and receiving are two sides of the same coin of intimacy.

Receive what is given – with grace and the same compassion and love in which it was given. Letting ourselves receive deeply and graciously is a gift to the giver. It conveys that their giving has made a difference — that we’ve been affected. Drink in their happiness of giving to you. This builds the connection.

Then the giver will want to build that connection further and will give again and again.

How to receive well:
– Accept what was given or done. Without wishing or thinking that it should have been done differently.
– Show your appreciation.
– State how your life was impacted or enriched by what was given to you. (If you have a hard time receiving compliments, gifts or efforts, think about what is holding you back. Your intimacy may depend on it.)

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