Reminisce about the good times. Often.

Remembering the good times (dating, wedding, first apartment, silly things you did, crazy adventures, achievements) creates happy feelings. As you reminisce, some of those old feelings come creeping back.

Reminding yourselves of your solid history together is a great way to increase your bond.

‘Remember when…’ is a great beginning to a loving conversation.

Break out the old albums or videos.

(Don’t be surprised if your spouse remembers the information differently. Let it go, you don’t have to correct them. Enjoy the overall memory. And the experience of reminiscing.)

Caveat: Reminiscing about the “way we were” could bring out painful reminders about dissatisfaction in an unhappy relationship. Agree ahead of time that you’ll call “time out” if one of you starts to invalidate the other’s memory or becomes negative.

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