Say nice things about your spouse behind their back.

Talk about your spouse’s wonderful character or good work to others. Tell them how much you appreciate your spouse.

Firstly, your spouse will look good in front of those other people. And, it keeps you in a positive frame of mind about your spouse and your relationship. This strengthens your experience of your relationship.

Your spouse may also hear that you have said nice things about them, and they will feel noticed and appreciated.

This is not to say that you should only give compliments behind their back. Your spouse needs to hear it from you too.

“My spouse makes such a great steak. It was soooo good.”  “It was a hard project, but my spouse tackled it and it worked out so well.” “Whenever I need [something specific done], I know I can count on my spouse.”  “I was in a lousy mood until my spouse said something so funny and pulled me out of that mood.”

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