Say what you do want rather than what you don’t want.

Multiple “don’t want”/”Don’t like” statements seldom add up to one clear “would like”.
– “I don’t want a blue sweater.”
– “I don’t want a cardigan.”
“Would like” statements efficiently convey your preferences.
– “I would like a red V neck sweater.”

“Don’t like” tends to engender defensiveness, discouragement and negativity.
“Would like” invites constructive dialog.

“Don’t like” and “don’t want” generate ill will.
“Would like” adds positivity, goodwill, enthusiasm and cooperation.
Avoid following “would like” with the word “you”. “I would like you to” sounds controlling.

These sentence openings invite cooperation
– “I would like a …”
– “I would like to …”
– “I would like more …”

You can neutralize the negativity of a “I don’t want” by adding what you would like.
– “I don’t like to start dinner a t 7 PM; I would like to start earlier so we can have longer evenings together.”

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