Seek the humor in a problem

Humor can make even the biggest problem more manageable. It can diffuse the stress and lighten the mood. It can make bad news easier to absorb. And humor helps people to relax, think more clearly, and make better decisions.

Couples (or teams) that laugh together can weather greater storms together. More easily.

It is worth trying to find the humor in any situation. Even if you are not naturally ‘funny’.

Some ways of finding humor:
– Reframe it. When a child makes a huge mess, you might say: “This is a 6 baby-wipe emergency.”

– Exaggerate it – for humor effect. “I may as well invest in a wipes manufacturer”. “You’d think that I was on a wipes testing team, trying all new ways to use wipes.”

– In your mind compare it to something bigger and worse. “At least it is not sticky molasses.”

– Laugh at yourself; don’t take yourself so seriously. “Not my finest moment.” (Don’t allow this to become a put-down of yourself.)

– Take a picture. “It didn’t really happen if there isn’t a photo.”

Sometimes, the next best thing to solving a problem is finding some humor in it.

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