Self-compassion is a supportive voice from within yourself

Self-compassion is showing to yourself the same level of kindness, care, and support when you´re struggling or suffering that you would also show to a good friend. When we look at the way people treat themselves, we´ll notice that oftentimes, they´re much harder on themselves than on others.

Three aspects of self-compassion: Mindfulness. Self-kindness. Common humanity.

1. Mindfulness. Stay with the moment without too much judgment. Just be with your struggle and your pain. Allow them; don’t try to avoid these emotions, or try to fix everything right away.

2. Self-kindness. Respond to your suffering with kind-heartedness and care in a non-judgmental way. Treat yourself with the same kindness and respect you’d offer a friend.

3. Common humanity. Recognize the situation as part of being human. We all go through things at some time in our lives. It is not a sign of failing or a cause for shame.
Caveat: Don’t deny or ignore the situation; you will have to deal with it. But don’t forget the human side of challenges; feelings are real, allow them.

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