Share your positive feelings about your spouse

Open your heart, open your mouth and share your positive feelings for your spouse.

Say it! Tell your spouse how your life is enriched by them.

Use the 3 Part Statement:
1. The actions that have contributed to those positive feeling: When I [saw/ hear/ found out]
2. Why those actions affected those positive feelings: because [I need/ want/ interpret/ associate]
3. Those positive feelings: I feel/ felt [so happy, excited, loved, cared for, hopeful, alive, relieved, energized, calm, proud, delighted, gratified, inspired, touched]
Use I statements to avoid positive judgments. —
“When I smelled that chicken cooking in the kitchen (action), I felt soooooo happy (feelings), because I didn’t get any lunch today and I am really hungry (needs).”

“When I saw you playing with the kids on the floor and how calm they looked (action), I felt so happy and a sense of nachas (feelings). Meaningful quality family time is so important to me(needs).

“When you gave me that coffee that you know I really like (action), I felt so loved (feelings), that you care to notice the details that are important to me and that you just knew I really needed a coffee just now.(needs)

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